As you have probably have seen on social media, Log Cabin Republicans has recently launched the OutSpoken Initiative. Part of the initiative will be focusing on targeting supporters of the police, supporters of the military, supporters of the Second Amendment, and moderate-to-conservative members of the LGBT community. Here are two initiatives that LCR is working on that I would hope you can support.


LGBT Supports Law Enforcement
Far-left partisan activists are demanding that LGBT organizations ban police officers at community events - even in our Pride Parades! Sadly some LGBT organizations are caving into these outrageous demands.

It’s time that LGBT community members stand up and speak out in SUPPORT of law enforcement!

While the media focuses on a few bad apples, police officers with very rare exception are doing amazing work keeping us safe. Please sign and share our petition to demand that LGBT Organizations Support Law Enforcement.

Republicans Who Support Equality

Democrats and the liberal media continue to paint a false picture of the Republican Party as anti-gay.  

The truth is time has changed both Democrats and Republicans on the issue of LGBT equality.  

But while Democrats use identity politics to divide us, Republicans support the Fairness for All Act that treats everyone the same – irrespective of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. 

Please sign and share our petition to the national coalition of Republicans for Equality and help get the message out!

Log Cabin will be hosting two national virtual town halls on these issues and discuss what we can do locally to support these issues. I hope you can join in on the town halls to show support for our local chapter.


Here is the info/RSVP for Town Hall: How the LGBT Community Can Support Police Officers and here is the info/RSVP for the Town Hall: How Republicans Can Support LGBT Equality


These coalitions are going to be a great success and will be one of the contributors to Republican victory in November. Hope you can attend!

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